Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that has the ability to learn without being explicitly programed. It concentrates on the advancement of the program where it can show itself to develop and change when there is another new information introduced. Machine Learning is popular nowadays, as it is a good way to make machine more human-like, and it help us to solve our problem. It tends to help peoples’ need since the usage of this machine learning are vary like search engine, speech recognition systems, handwriting recognition, and etc.

In my opinion, machine learning is exceptionally valuable as it can do calculations and forecasts faster than people. It is much more supportive when users are confronted with an incredible amount of problem since it can discover data as quick as could be expected under the circumstances. Thus, people can settle on choices and activities, which is beneficial later on, in light of the result of the predictions and computations. The example of today’s machine learning is speech recognition, Microsoft Cortana, which can be utilized to answers questions. Another example that utilized on Facebook is face recognition, that may automatically tag the people who show up in the posted photographs and Facebook’s News Feed uses machine learning to customize each member’s feed. If a member frequently stops scrolling in order to read or like a particular friend’s posts, the News Feed will start to show more of that friend’s activity earlier in the feed.

As I mentioned above, machine learning have many useful uses but in building a useful machine language, I think of an application that is able to help lawyers. Machine learning calculations are fit for building computer models that understand complex phenomena by distinguishing designs and deducing rules from information. They set out the reasons for their decision by referencing the law, facts, public policy, and other considerations upon which the outcome was based. Machine learning can find correlations between this opinion and other factors to determine whether there are any irregularities that impact a decision and test the system’s strength – such as racial factors for example. It can also help lawyers to find which judges could potentially be more sympathetic to their client. This application is beneficial so it could provide law firms with a cheaper, better, and alternative.

Matheus Andrew
Odd Semester 2016/2017
School of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University

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